Upcoming activities:

22–24 Mar 2019: RadicalxChange Detroit Conference. Join us as a community organiser/participant to qualify for the Community Scholarship! (More information at: https://radicalxchange.org/about/#scholarship-information)

11 Apr 2019: RadicalxChange Singapore second meetup: https://www.meetup.com/RadicalxChange-Singapore/events/259425910/. (Agenda TBD)

What is RadicalxChange?

RadicalxChange is a foundation led by economist Glen Weyl, built on the discussion that grew around Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society (2008). The book pointed out flaws in existing markets and political systems, and proposed radical ways of restructuring property, voting, immigration, antitrust, and data ownership.

The conversation has since branched out to other disciplines and sectors, such as the Arts, open source funding, and more. Broadly, there have emerged four working group ‘tracks’:

  • Activism and Government;
  • Arts and Communications;
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology;
  • Ideas and Research,

covering themes such as economy, politics, space, collective action, and identity.

Who should join:

We welcome economists, hackers, political scientists, artists, environmentalists, mathematicians, lawyers, sociologists, engineers, historians, designers, and anyone interested in building better economic and political systems.

The team (so far)…

…is here just to get the ball rolling. We hope that this groundwork serves as initial momentum for later teammates and chapter members to build on.

Swarnima is a student in her final year at Yale-NUS College. She worked at ConsenSys as a software engineer and wants to continue her work developing dApps, particularly in working on security and identity protocols. She envisions RadicalxChange Singapore as a space for formulating and following through on turning ideas into action, for the real benefit of the institutions and communities we wish to support. Her work in data wrangling has also fostered a keen interest in using data to visualise and explain phenomena. Swarnima avidly follows and writes on climate change, geopolitics, literacy and research justice, modern slavery, and community organisation.

Rachel is an independent UX designer who also solves problems related to data analytics at Sparkline, a Singapore-based digital analytics consultancy. She is passionate about the ways in which user-centered applications of decentralized technologies can drive tangible solutions that improve the world we live in. Rachel previously studied and worked in France and Austria, managing projects spanning international climate advocacy, humanitarian aid and social entrepreneurship.

Ying Tong is a Research Scientist at the Ethereum Foundation, exploring scalability solutions like plasma and SNARK-based sidechains. She is excited about the potential for equitable self-organised communities on decentralised systems like the blockchain, and hopes RadicalxChange Singapore will be a space to discuss and experiment with unconventional modes of organisation. Ying Tong is also interested in Physics, sustainability, philosophy, literature and art, and hopes to explore these interdisciplinary synergies with this chapter and its partners.